The Story of Dylan

Russ and I were married on July 29, 1995, and we started trying to have kids about a year after that. After seven years of trying and seeing doctors, they told us that we would either have to do invitro or adopt. We decided on adoption. We put in our names at Christian Counselling. At the same time, we took a trip to Guatemala and met Kari (from Osler, Sk) and Yuri, who were also having trouble conceiving. When we returned to Canada, we received a phone call from a lady in B.C. who knew a mother who wanted to give her baby up for adoption. As it turned out, the lady that recommended us was Kari’s mom (our Guatemala friend). We were chosen to adopt the baby. Our lawyer told us not to get out hopes up because interprovincial adoptions were usually not done. We later found out that because Kari’s mom recommended us and she was from B.C., we were able to adopt this baby. When we arrived in B.C., we headed to the hospital right away, and the birth mom handed Dylan to me and said, “Here’s your baby.”

We walked into church carrying our new baby, and everyone was asking, “Whose baby are Jackie and Russ holding?” He was ours!

Dylan is now turning twenty-one, and he is the light of our lives. He loves Jesus and is a big teddy bear. God knew the day he was conceived (even before that) and that he would be our baby boy. God works in miraculous ways.

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Jackie Neufeld
Warman, SK
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