My Testimony of Salvation

My name is Ester Jakwot, and I am a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. I was born in Khartoum, Sudan. I grew up following my parents’ faith. At the age of sixteen, my friend invited me to a charismatic group called Young Christians Fellowship (YCF). The first time I attended their prayer meeting, the first thought that came to my mind was these people are crazy! They were speaking in different tongues, shouting loudly, playing loud instruments for worship, and dancing. That was very different from my church’s meetings. Then after worship, they started to pray for people, laying hands on the sick. Again, to my surprise, people were getting healed and evil spirits were being cast out of people. I was so amazed!

I went home that evening in awe, thinking wow, the book of Acts is still alive today (Acts 8:17, 28:8). I was overwhelmed and filled with joy and at the same time I knew deep in my heart I would come back to the meeting next week.

The next week I went back and I was ready to listen. I followed the message carefully and when there was an altar call, I got up and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour (Romans 10:9-10). Since then, I have followed my Lord, Jesus Christ.

I discovered that accepting Jesus and inviting Him to be the Lord of your life is different from growing up following the traditions of your parents’ faith. For most of us who are born again, we know very well the difference. As for me, growing up in my church did not help me to know Jesus personally, although I learned much about Him.

From a young age, I learned how to live a moral life, and that was the sum of Christianity for me. But when I gave my life to Jesus, my desires changed. I started to desire to live for Christ and not to do just what people thought was right to do. I began to love reading the Bible, love prayer, love to share my faith with others, and I started having a strong desire to want others to be saved, especially my immediate family.

Before giving my life to Jesus, I had no desire to share my faith, read the Bible, pray or spend time in prayer. These are the basic things every born-again Christian should desire. The Holy Spirit that lives within us empowers us to desire these things (Romans 8:5-8).

As I grew in faith, I learned that I must carry my cross to follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24). Following Jesus is not an easy path to walk on. We are tested often and when we pass the test, we grow in faith and move to the next level, otherwise, we remain babies (1Peter 2:2). When we read the Word, Holy Spirit reveals God’s message to us. But if we do not live it, the Word of God has no value in us (Luke 8:11-15). There were many times when I thought I could put my cross away and still walk with Jesus. I learned that I wouldn’t progress, and I would have to go back, pick up my cross to continue the walk.

Faith requires us to deny ourselves, which is the most challenging thing. There are things that we must leave behind. Prayer has helped me to overcome many challenges.

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Ester Jakwot
Saskatoon SK
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