Our History

In January of 1999, the Lord impressed a vision upon Jodi Kozan’s heart. After attending a mind-body-spirit conference, she witnessed the hunger and desire of women to grow spiritually and yet the mention of Jesus Christ was nonexistent. As a result, she wrestled with this deep conviction for six months knowing that something must happen as she knows deeply that Jesus is the “way and the truth and the light” (John 14:6), and is acutely aware of the counterfeit spirituality that is out there to lure women from knowing God personally and discovering their true identity and value. She reached out to other women of faith and gathered for prayer to give life to this vision and burden. This vision was to see a large nondenominational gathering to promote fellowship, spiritual growth and unity with women from all walks of life. Their mission began as “Gathering, Nurturing, Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!


This mission would help to fulfill Christ’s prayer about unity (John 17:21). The initial vision was for a conference to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness and to be a catalytic event that inspires women to live a life of holiness, purpose, and passion bringing wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. It’s vision for a conference ministry that would be exciting, welcoming, and applicable to the needs in every woman’s spiritual journey. After much prayer with other like-minded women in the community, their passion and strong convictions to follow through with this dream soon became a reality. Thus began Women’s Journey of Faith. The organization took flight with its first conference on September 23, 2000 and since then has attracted thousands of women to their events. As the years progressed highlighting various speakers, musicians, faith stories and developing ministry partnerships, it was evident the vision was reaching reach beyond an event or conference. Jodi experienced a vision of God raising up an army in 2006, a strong spiritual army of women (and men) of faith being raised up in Canada and throughout the nations. The leader of this army being Jesus Christ himself and the message was loud and clear: Restoration! Jesus came to restore all that was lost in the fall of mankind. (Luke 19:10).   They soon added the vision statement to their mission to now declare it’s purpose to be:“the Restoration of Women- through Gathering, Nurturing, Discovering, Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.” For a recap of each conference to date, go to the “Past Events” menu.  The vision continues to unfold as the WJOF team continues to gather, nurture, discover and share.The team began to press into God’s original intent for women. As a result, the ministry sought to expand our programming to strengthen the vision by addressing real life issues and challenges women face and providing diverse opportunities to connect with the ministry throughout the year. WJOF has added Seminars (Including “Sharing the Journey”, Faith Stories: Sharing God’s Stories through Your Story, Israel Tours, Recommended Speakers/Resources, partnering with local communities with Speaker Tours and much more!


To learn more about our Founder Jodi Kozan, or to download the free PDF resource “Journey to Restoration” outlining 12 principles of Restoration and the vision of Restoration, visit her website at www.jodikozan.com as she is emphatic about the message: Restoration begins in the heart, extends to the family which seeks to engage the world!