Hotels & FAQ

Who is this event for?
This conference is for all women  regardless of their age, race or church experience. We welcome all women to join us on the journey of discovering truths in God’s word for healing, wholeness, purpose and meaning.

How do I register?

No need to register.  Tickets are available through or at Kennedy’s Parable in Saskatoon.

Can I still get in if I forget my ticket?

We deeply want to connect with as many women as possible and invite them to share in this powerful 2-day conference. However, without a ticket, TCU Place staff is unable to permit you to enter. So please don’t forget to bring your ticket both days!

Is lunch provided?

Due to the need for lower ticket pricing, we have decided not to have lunch provided. However, you may access the mall with a large food court directly from TCU Place. There are also many great restaurants in close proximity to TCU Place. If you have any further questions, you can contact

I would like to donate a door prize.
One element of our conference involves donations of door prizes. We are ministry that evokes faith, friendship and fun! If you are interested in donating a door prize, contact us at and we will discuss the appropriateness of your donation and make further arrangements with you!

I would like to sponsor or advertise with the conference magazine.
In order to keep costs down, expand the vision for WJOF and provide tickets to those in need, we have variety of ways to give financially to the ministry. Simply contact us at and we will share those details with you.

Do you have any suggestions for bringing a group?
There is a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. Please note that this discount is only available if you register by phone or in person with TCU Tickets. Once you gather your group, you may want to host a pre-conference and post conference debrief time to share together what you have learned for further growth and community support. Some rent a hotel room, go out for dinner Saturday night to keep each other accountable for what their next steps are on their journey of faith. Contact WJOF if you would like to learn more about bringing a remnant of the WJOF ministry to your community. We are looking for church reps in each community.

Do you have any recommended hotels?
Hilton Garden Inn (Downtown location)

One King or Two Queens (Group Rate): $139.00
Parking (Extra cost): $15.00 + tax
Rooms will only be held until September 20th, 2017.

Call 1-306-244-2311 to make you reservation today!

I would like to volunteer, how can I get involved?
There are various ways to serve at the event itself. Contact us ASAP to get plugged in.

Are children allowed to attend?
Because the nature of this conference is for women, the content of the teaching and faith stories would be geared towards women’s issues. We will leave it up to the discretion of the attendee if they feel their teen daughter would benefit from this event. With the exception of nursing infants, children are not allowed at the conference.

Is there a place reserved for nursing mother’s?
We value the gift of motherhood and understand the unique needs of nursing moms. For this reason, we have set aside some seats for women to sit when bringing babies as well as a private booth to go when need be.

Are men allowed to attend?
We have had a handful of requests over the years for men to attend WJOF events. Men are welcome to purchase a ticket as long as they understand the primary audience is for women.

I would like to share my faith story with WJOF, where do I start?
Writing out your personal faith story is a spiritual discipline we recommend, regardless of where you are at on the journey. Most people find they write to reflect on their own personal journey. Some write to share with friends and family. In time, some may feel led to submit their stories to ministries like WJOF. If you are ready to take that step of writing – contact us at and we will be in touch with you.

Helpful Hints:

  • Dress comfortably.
  • A coat check is available.
  • Please don’t wear perfume as this is a ‘fragrance free event’ to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Come early to avoid line ups
  • Bring a pen to take notes in your conference magazine.
  • Parking is available in a variety of lots nearby for a daily/hourly fee.
  • Carpooling is recommended.
  • If coming with a friend or group, arrange time to share what you are learning and for support and accountability.
  • Don’t forget that lunch is not provided so be prepared to go out or bring your own.
  • Come expectantly to hear from God and join others on their journey of faith!