What does it mean to live brightly?

What does it mean to live brightly?

What does it mean to be bright? We’ve all lived in darkness. What? It’s true, before we said yes to Jesus, we lived in darkness.  Darkness meaning not knowing the saviour, being separated from His light. Recently, oceanographers have found animals that live deep in the ocean where there is no light.  These animals don’t […]

Flourish in Your Calling-The Gift in You!

     Only one week away until our 15th annual conference “Flourish” with keynote speaker Dr. Caroline Leaf! There is much excitement in the air with emails flying in asking tons of questions about the schedule, what to expect and prayer requests from near and far. God uses gifted speakers/ teachers like Dr. Leaf to […]

Flourish in Relationships: Man vs Woman by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Relating with members of the opposite sex can be frustrating and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Successful relationships begin in the mind (which seeks understanding), and, through the choices we make, will end in the Spirit (which knows truth). In my book, “Who Switched Off Your Brain? The Mystery of He Said, She […]

TW101 Week 3 “Sugar and Spice”

 “What does it mean to be a woman? The current cultural ideal for womanhood encourages women to be strident, overly sexual, self-centred,  extremely independent (or Codependent) — but above all — powerful and in control. Sadly, this model of womanhood hasn’t delivered the happiness and fulfillment it promised. The Bible teaches that it’s not up to us to decide what […]

TW101 Week 2 “Snips and Snails”

     Week 1 proved to set the tone for this WJOF Summer Study adventure through God’s word, and we pray you are all excited to venture with us in reviewing “Divine Design, an 8 week study on Biblical Womanhood!” Simple, yet profound foundational truths we are diving into this year as we gear up […]

Our Vision: The Restoration of Women!

Reflecting on our vision statement as we embark on a new ministry year, a key scriptural verse that comes to mind is from the story of Zacchaeus encountering Jesus found in Luke 19:10 . By reading this verse in 3 different translations, we can consider what being “lost” truly means. As a ministry to women, these convictions affects […]